Monday, May 23, 2016

Then Came the Sun - Not For Sale

Original art by Sandra Corey
Date: 5/22/16
Title: Then Came the Sun
Medium: Oils over Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

Size: 36x36x1.5d  or (3/4  without frame.)
Click HERE for more views of the painting.  Click HERE to visit my Etsy shop.

This is going to sound silly.  

But I have fallen in love with a painting; which is the reason it is posted as not available for purchase.  I even built a frame for it...which made me love it even more.   

It isn't the first time.  And usually after spending "some quality time" with a painting I have fallen in love with,   eventually I can part with it happily.   After all, it's part of the process.

But for the time-being I am smitten and will continue sitting on my sofa and gazing lovingly into its eyes! Go ahead and laugh at my silliness.  I'm laughing too!