Monday, September 3, 2018

Title: Jacks.
Medium: Collage: Fabric, Paper and Ink on 8.5x11, 48 lb archival paper. And
Digitally Embellished Original Print version. 8.5x11 on 48 lb archival paper.
Style: Folk Art
Size: 8.5x11"
Date:  8/31/18
Art by: Sandra Corey

Versions of Jacks date back to ancient cultures. As children in the 1950s (not quite ancient times) Jacks was a game my brother and I and our friends had fun playing.  The occasional fresh game of Jacks was a welcome surprise in our Christmas stockings. 

Please click on image for a larger picture
Jacks Digitally Embellished 

Please click on image for a larger picture
Jacks Original Collage

Jacks is part a series of retro art pieces I am looking forward to working on in the coming year.

Here's the inspiration ad image.  Part of the fun of re-imagining objects is deciding how to represent them in a way that is understandable but different; how to change the reality without loosing touch with the objects.

Jacks are metal, hard and cold.  So I thought it would be interesting to make them out of a material that was soft and warm.  The balls are shiny and smooth so they became fabric and paper; warm/soft and smooth/hard.  Then it's deciding which details to include or add and which to leave out, and so forth.

Although I thought the photographer who created the composition of the inspiration image did it nicely I needed to arrange the elements into my own composition and one that would work well in the calendar format, which is horizontal; 8.5x11, rather than square.  

For more about the digitally embellished Jacks, please click HERE 
For more about the original collage Jacks,  please click, HERE.
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