Thursday, July 5, 2007

Bowl of Green Apples

Sorry, bidding has ended. But you may still view or purchase this painting at the Yessy Gallery site. Just click on the Title!
Size: 13"w x 25"h framed.

This week I have 2 new pieces, both of which are collages. The first is a contemporary interpretation of a Bowl of Green Apples. This one might be considered "Pop Art". It is mostly oils painted on papers and canvas with the apples mounted on spacers to create the relief. The apples stand out from the canvas at varying heights from between 1/8" to 1", with one being painted on the canvas. This one could have been finished 2 weeks ago but it was taking especially long for the oils to dry on the canvas which prevented my placing the collage pieces on top. It's still not quite dry!

Please scroll down one post to see Gift for Africa, a charitable auction, and two posts down for this week's useful link. I think you will love Alexander Calder's work in this link.

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JudyL said...

Do you sell your work? I just saw your bowl of apples and it would be PERFECT in my dining room!