Monday, August 27, 2007

Useful Link-Selling Art Online

I found an article on about selling your art online. The article does not mention eBay, which I think is an obvious oversight, but other sites are mentioned and rated by traffic and compared by features and price. This is only part of the picture though. The more important statistic is how much of this traffic results in a sale. But these statistics are more difficult to come by. EBay makes some of this information available and if one is studius, a good amount may be learned. In my own experience, I still sell more from eBay than from Yessy. Although Yessy provides excellent detailed statistics about where the people are who are viewing my art and it really is fun when the people are from countries around the world. But they do not usually purchase from that site. In time, it may be that at some point eBay no longer dominates the online market. (Some of these other sites are much easier to work with than eBay.) But for now, it seems that eBay still holds the cards.

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