Thursday, May 17, 2007

Red Bicycle - SOLD

Size: 18"w x 14" h.
Click image to enlarge. Bidding has ended.

This is one of two postings for this week. Please scroll down to see the second listing too.

Did you notice the new blog title and URL? It has been changed to reflect more accurately the way I have been painting. The new title and description are a combination of reader suggestions. The new title does not limit me to abstract art, which, although it is still a favorite, is one of many styles I enjoy.

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Mrs. Onstad's Grapefruits - SOLD

Size: 8"h x 8"w.
Click image to enlarge. Bidding has ended.

I met a friend at an art museum last week. She brought me oranges, lemons and grapefruits from her mother's trees. I sliced open a grapefruit and began painting an interpretive still life of the fruit. It had a wonderful fragrance and when I finished the painting, I enjoyed eating every juicy bite of it. This week's painting is of Mrs. Omstad's grapefruits.