Tuesday, September 15, 2009

NewlyWed Cupcakes Painting NFS

Click image to enlarge. Not for Sale.
Size: 6 x 8 x 1.5.
Medium: Oils on Canvas.

Here is the painting of the Newlywed Cupcakes. (See previous 2 posts for reference.) Now it just needs to dry so I can wrap it up and give it to the Couple. Today I will be sending a jpeg of it to
Different Strokes From Different Folks.
I don't know whether it will be posted there, but if it is it will be by Thursday. It's very kind of Karin Jurick to take her time to view and upload all these images to her site. Many thanks to her for such an interesting art-blog. UPDATE: Well, my painting Newlywed Cupcakes made it onto the Different Strokes From Different Folks. If you click on the link it will take you to her blog, then scroll down to see my painting and be sure to enjoy all the others while you are there. It really is fun to see the different takes on the photo.

On another matter, I have been pondering how to set up an artists' trading post by blog or website. The idea is that artists would post a piece of work they would be willing to trade and other artists interested in trading could exchange art. Does anyone have any ideas as to how that might be set up? It would be a good way to begin collecting for those of us who want to but cannot afford it.

I received some nice comments on my blog about the cupcake painting from other participating artists. Click on the Comment link below at the end of today's cupcake post on my blog to read them and feel free to leave your own comments, especially about an artists' trading site. Be sure to click on the artists in the comments section to view their art.


Claire said...

Love your beautiful graphic take on this. Looks wonderful!

sandra corey said...

Thank you Claire! I liked yours too! And thank you for taking time to leave a comment.


Lori Margulies said...

Beautiful use of contrast and clarity. I want to scoop up some of that frosting with my finger and taste it!

sandra corey said...

Thank you Lori! I like yours too and wanted to leave a comment but I don't understand the drop down menu asking me to select a profile. Your story was fun too.


Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

I like the graphic twist you took on the challenge, well done!

sandra corey said...

Thank you Dana. I especially like the light and warmth you captured in yours. My, this is so encouraging to receive these kind comments from such distinguished artists.


Claire said...

Thank you, Sandra! I got your email too - will be looking for your entry in the next challenge!!!

Edward Burton said...

Very cool treatment of the challenge!

Gwen Bell said...

Love the clean, graphic style. Great job!

Terrific idea about and Artist Exchange! I have often thought about asking some of my favorite artist bloggers about trading but then didn't want to offend by not offering to buy. This would be a perfect solution! Only those wishing to trade would participate. What about just setting up another blog specifically for that purpose and link it to this one?

dominique eichi said...

LOve the graphic feel it has. Welcome to DSFDF

sandra corey said...

Thank you so much for your comments and warm welcome!