Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Az Highway 60 Railroad Ave-SOLD

Click image to enlarge.
Medium: HP Vivera ink on archival paper.
Size: 8 x 7".
Date: 10/20/2010.

Thank you for all your comments on which version of Az Highway 60 Railroad Ave you preferred.

Version 1 was the winner with twice as many votes.  I took comments from both and incorporated them into today's post, along with two new figures.  What do you think, should the figures stay or go?  Next Thursday I will post the final piece before sending it off to the contest, so please comment freely.

I know I said I was not doing anymore product design.   It's so much work and very rarely leads to a lucrative outcome.   Sourcing manufacturers and bringing a new product to market are more than a little difficult, not to mention expensive.   Designing and making samples is the fun part. (That's what I got to do in my prototyping business, when the companies with whom I contracted did all the not-fun parts.)  

BUT a few weeks ago I gave a gift of a small, handmade, animal ornament to a La Jolla retailer with whom I had other business, and she would like them for her store.   After considering it for a week I began work on a dozen samples and finally delivered them today.   And now here I am once again trying to source a manufacturer just in case they do well.  Oh dear.


Kay Zahn said...

I like the figures IN.

sandra corey said...

Thank you Kay! And thank you for creating this fun contest. If only my Google Street images weren't so fuzzy and distant. Google seems to have changed its photo lens so that things look even further away. :/